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Relationship, Mindset, and Grief

Helping people live the life they were meant to have. 


 How do you feel in your relationship?

When you enter your home, do you feel welcomed and eager to go in, or are you angry and scared? Do you feel loved, or do you feel like you are blocked from becoming the person you were meant to be?


Although the bonds that you form with those around you can take many forms, the most important aspect of your relationships is how you feel in their presence. When your relationship is healthy and positive, not only will you feel trust and support, but you will also feel good about yourself and the goals you are meant to pursue. Without that special connection in your relationships, you may find yourself losing your purpose.

Why work with a Hridaya Coach?

Whether that person is your partner, your kid, your parent, or your sibling, as a spiritual healer, I can guide you to bring those positive and peaceful energies back into both your current relationships and any future connections you form. Together, we can heal the part of you that lost it, and then we can work together to achieve your goals. 


How do you feel about yourself?

The most important part of your mentality is your self-esteem and how you perceive yourself. When you wake up, do you feel motivated and ready to take on the day? Do you feel proud of everything you have accomplished, or do you feel like nothing is going your way?

A strong and positive mindset makes you more resilient and ready to face your challenges, where you will feel like there is nothing that can stop you from becoming who you were meant to be. The universe gives you one life. 

Enjoy it. 

How can I help you grow your mindset?

With my spiritual mindset coaching, I can guide you to become the strongest person in the world. You can achieve your wildest dreams and become whoever you want to be. I will help you be the best in whatever you do in life. Trust me on this. 


Have you experienced a loss?

Grief is one of the most difficult things that you can experience in your life, and it can either make you stronger or weaker depending on how you take it. You can feel like you are in an unsurmountable well of pain, but what happens when you hold on to that pain and loss? It will affect your growth as an individual. So, how do you come out of it?

Coping through Hridaya Coaching

You don't know heartbreak unless you have experienced one. You don't know betrayal unless you have experienced that loss of trust, faith, life, or even loss of a business. I have experienced all of the above. I used be one of you. 

With my coaching and channeling abilities, I have helped my clients come out of their well of pain. I have helped them come to terms with their emotions, and although it is a process, they have found their peace. 

Why am I the best coach for you?


Life is too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Most of the time, it is a simple mindset shift that will transform your life. The clients I have worked with are usually stuck in their life journey with lots of anxiety, fear and worry. I am here to help you utilize your heart instead of your mind, and break through the obstacles that seem to hold you back in life. 

  • Release your inner blocks.        

  • Grow your mindset.

  • Overcome struggles.

  • Manage anxiety and stress.

  • Achieve your goals.

  • Find your purpose. 

Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals.  

If you have any questions about my methods or would like to schedule a consultation, get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

Kumaran Nava, Life Coach & Reiki Master

Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach

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